Q. What are your Reiki sessions like?

A. My sessions are very interactive. I will ask questions throughout the session about what I am feeling based on your energy and explain why I am feeling what I am feeling. It is important to me that anyone who leaves a session has a clear understanding of where there may be energy blockages and why. We will also debrief after the session to ensure you have the tools to move forward to live a more peaceful and balanced life.


Q. What can I expect during a Reiki treatment with you?

A. Every session can be different based on the individual or what the individual has going on at that time. Some people may see colours, feel tingling sensations or feel heat in certain areas in their body, feel energy movement or simply feel totally relaxed and at peace. Regardless of what is felt the individual will always receive the healing that is needed for them at that time. The Reiki energy will travel where the body needs it most.


Q. How can Reiki help me with my health concern?

A. Reiki can help in many ways including anxiety, depression, unclarity, and clearing any energy blockages in the body. Reiki treatments may also help with physical pain in the body.


Q. What level of Reiki practitioner are you? (Depending on the style taught, there can be up to 4 levels of Reiki training, and it's recommended to receive professional Reiki treatments from those who are at least Level II Reiki practitioner.)

A. I am a Reiki Master.